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Din rail shears

Grangier, manufacturer of shears, punching machines, folders and tools for electricity and fine sheet metal for electrical cabinet installers, drilling of doors and boxes, cutting, drilling, bending of copper bars presents products for cutting and drilling of profiles and DIN rails :

Din rail shears and punching machines

The Coup’Din GH3 and ALG combination Din rail punching machines are indispensable machines for panel builders and electricians when constructing the frame of a switchboard, cabinet or enclosure. They are used to cut and drill the Din rails that make up the frame without burrs so that they can be screwed together.

Shears and punching machines can be manual, electric or pneumatic. A "cut and drill" combination is a two-in-one solution (one machine) for cutting the rails for drilling the lights. Many models of interchangeable dies, blades and punches are available to provide versatility in cutting and drilling Din rail parts.

Din rails

Din rails are standardised profiles made of metal material (steel, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.) a few millimeters thick, used to fix connection terminals and measuring and protection devices (circuit breakers, etc.) in switchboards, boxes and electrical cabinets.

The Din rail exists in several shapes and sizes: symmetrical or asymmetrical top or bottom Din rail, reinforced, "C" shaped for example.

Coup'Din GH3-M and ALG manual rail punching machines

The manual Din rail cutting, otherwise known as "Din rail cutters", "Coup'Din" (registered trademark of GRANGIER SAS), or "Combined Cutting and Drilling" are small enough to be mounted on a workbench and are easy to install.

Din rail cutting “Coup'Din GH3-M”

The din rail cutting GH3-M allows cutting and drilling of rails in one operation, on most commercial profiles. For precision work, the cutting profiles GH3-M is equipped with a 1.20 m scale with adjustable stop. Punching or cutting can also be done independently.

The blade and punches, as well as the dies, are made of high quality steel, with the best heat treatment. The tools can be changed very quickly and are installed without a spanner. The dies are selected according to the rails to be cut. The blade and standard punches are delivered with the machine. GRANGIER SAS also manufactures special blades, dies and punches for all types of specific cutting and drilling operations.

The "ALG" manual cutting and drilling combination

This model of manual punching shears, known as "Combined Cutting and Drilling", allows the cutting of the most commonly used Din rails and the drilling of reworked lights.

The manual combo combines the three most common profiles on the same die for greater compactness and ease of use. As a reminder, the 3 standard profiles are :

  • Din symmetrical profiles 35X15X1.5,
  • symmetrical Din profiles 35X15X7.5,
  • asymmetrical Din profile 32X15X1.5 mm.

As with the Coup'Din GH3 manuals, the ALG manuals are supplied with a ruler and a length stop for accurate working. The 1 meter lever arm allows effortless working. Punching can be vertical or horizontal as required.

Coup'Din electric GH3-E and pneumatic GH3-P punching shears

Din rail cutting “Coup'Din” electric or pneumatic punching shears are larger and more comfortable to use than manual punching shears for cutting profiles. They are used. For more sustained production, and to reduce operator fatigue.

They allow the cutting and drilling of Din rails without any effort for the operator in a single operation. As with the manual machines, they are supplied with a standard blade and punches as well as a ruler and stop for accurate work.

It is possible to switch from one tooling to another very quickly without a spanner. Blades and punches are quick and easy to install and remove, and the machine can be turned into a punching machine, shearing machine or both in a matter of moments. Numerous dies and punches are available for cutting and drilling Din rails to the desired dimensions, shapes and hole diameters.

A foot pedal and movable safety guard allow the operator to work safely and without strain. The electric punching shear with three-phase geared motor with torque limiter offers excellent power for clean, precise and burr-free cutting and drilling. The pneumatic version is very easy to operate...provided that a compressed air supply is available.