Machines and tools
for electrical industry

Custom made blades

Grangier, manufacturer of shears, punching machines, folders and tools for electricity and fine sheet metal for electrical cabinet installers, drilling of doors and boxes, cutting, drilling, bending of copper bars presents products for punches and dies for request. If you can't find them , we can make punches and dies for your old machine

Custom made blades, punches, dies and punches

GRANGIER SAS, manufacturer of machines for panel builders and electrical construction, as well as manufacturer of special machines, offers the manufacture of punches, dies, blades and punches to measure as well as the remanufacture of your used, damaged or inaccurate and unusable tools from your model.

Blades, punches and dies will be designed and manufactured to fit your cutting, shearing and punching machines, in all the shapes, sizes and diameters you require. The cutting and punching sets will be adapted according to the materials and thicknesses worked.

Customised punch and die blades for panel builders and for all types of special machines

GRANGIER SAS is a specialist in the construction of shears, punching machines, bending machines and punching machines for the electrical industry, but also in the manufacture of special machines. These machines are used for :

  • copper rod processing (machines for bending and folding to predefined angles and edges)
  • cutting and drilling of DIN rails,
  • for shearing, cutting, drilling, notching, notching
  • Punching of doors, electrical boxes and panels, fine sheet metal work
  • bending, folding
  • cutting of plastic chutes, covers and plugs...

Its long experience in this field enables it to offer the manufacture of blades and punches that can be used on its standard machines but also made-to-measure to meet all your needs whatever your trade.

The punches and blades are adapted to different types of machines which can be manual, hydraulic or pneumatic. The performance and sturdiness of GRANGIER SAS blades, punches, dies and punching tools allow precision work whatever the effort.

Blades and punches for performance and perfection

The materials to be machined can be flat (e.g. a plasterboard profile or thin sheet metal) or of different shapes (e.g. plastic tubes) and of various dimensions and thicknesses. The holes and notches must be made perfectly over the entire height or depth of the material and must be accurate to within 1/100 of a millimetre.

To achieve this, GRANGIER SAS blades and punches are made of high carbon steel, which gives them extreme strength and robustness when heat treated. They are reliable and durable, which limits their renewal; used with an adapted machine, they require less work effort. Les lames et poinçons GRANGIER SAS résistent aux pressions les plus fortes selon le matériau à cisailler, poinçonner ou découper et selon la machine utilisée. Ils équipent les machines installées en atelier, sur une table de travail ou transportables sur site.

A range of custom-made blades and punches

GRANGIER SAS produces for you the range of blades and punches you need according to an original matrix or according to a specification you send us. The blades and punches can have different head shapes (round, conical, cylindrical...) and undergo specific treatments (heat and surface) according to the material to be machined so as to offer it better resistance and durability.

Your old machines are still working but your punches and blades are worn out and can no longer make holes or cut accurately. You can no longer find them on the market. Standard or universal models are not suitable.

GRANGIER SAS re-makes them to measure for you, reliable, high performance and at the best price.