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Grangier : manufacturer of special custom machines

Renowned in the manufacture of machines for working copper, cutting and drilling DIN rails and punching machines for doors and electrical boxes, GRANGIER SAS also offers the design and manufacture of special customised machines for numerous applications.

In addition to machines for panel builders, the company develops machines for drilling, punching, shearing and cutting all types of materials according to your specifications and constraints. 


Des machines selon votre besoin en cisaillage ou poinçonnage

Whatever your trade, GRANGIER SAS manufactures various machines to meet your needs, from punching benches to numerous punching shears.


Punching benches

Punching benches for drilling steel, aluminium or plastic profiles and sheets are present in many metalworking industries. Grangier adapts or designs a special machine according to your specifications. 

Equipped with hydraulic cylinders, their drilling force will be very important and thanks to high quality punches, you will obtain a fast, simultaneous work, of a great precision and allowing an important repeatability.   


Punching shears for plasterboard or U-shaped profiles and studs

Grangier offers the design and manufacture of a special machine for the cutting and punching of plasterboard profiles and studs.  Your custom machine can be designed to be used in the workshop or on site with interchangeable punches, dies and cutting blades.

Depending on your needs, it can be electric or electrohydraulic. Reliable, robust and efficient, it allows the operator to work effortlessly. Your machine can shear, punch, emboss and even cut angles in steel profiles.


Shears and notchers for sheet metal and profiles  

Grangier is a manufacturer of shears for thin sheets and profiles for various branches of the metal industry. The shears and notchers can cut thin steel, stainless steel or aluminium sheets from 0.2 to 3 mm. They can make corner notches.

Hydraulic, electro-hydraulic or pneumatic, depending on your needs, your special machine will perform drilling, shearing or flange forming (for example). Your machine can be placed on a workbench for effortless work whatever the thickness and material to be machined.

Shears for plastic and rubber tubes

Various industries from pharmaceuticals to agriculture use plastic or rubber tubes and sheaths on which cuts have to be made. Tailor-made machines are needed to repeat the shearing operations with precision.

GRANGIER SAS manufactures shears with robust and resharpenable blades, giving them a long service life. Easy to use and fast, the control can be by pedal or electric stop. Several accessories can be fitted, such as a cutting counter for example.


Punching machine for thin sheet metal and profiles 

Do you need a punching machine for thin sheet metal and profiles? GRANGIER SAS can design and manufacture a special machine for you that meets your specifications and specific requirements. We modify the standard GH3P shear to adapt it to your needs and thus reduce design and production costs.

Notching and punching has never been easier and faster than with your special machine, whose die/punch assembly can be interchangeable. The operator can work effortlessly regardless of the thickness of the sheet or profile.