Machines and tools
for electrical industry

COMBO CM1+PH1 on Work Bench

table for cutting, drilling, bending of copper bars

2 Machines on Workbench :

In this configuration, the CM1 shear bar is used for cutting and punching, and the PH1 bending machine for bending copper bars. The 2 workbenches are independent, each being equipped with a hydraulic power unit.

This combination facilitates the work of the busbar operator by enabling effortless shaping, punching, bending and folding of the copper bars. This work is carried out with great precision and allows easy assembly of the busbars inside the LVTS.

Depending on your needs, we can adapt your combo using the 125 or 200 shears and the 125 or 160 bending machines.

These two machines are independent with their own hydraulic power unit. They are installed on two separate work tables allowing them to be used separately.


- Combined shearer CM1-200
- Combined shearer CM1-125
- Hydraulic Folder PH1-160
- Hydraulic Folding Machine PH1-125
- Electro-hydraulic power pack CME
- Duo CM1+PH1 on bench