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for electrical industry

Shears for plastic ducts

Grangier, manufacturer of shears, punching machines, folders and tools for electricity and fine sheet metal for electrical cabinet installers, drilling of doors and boxes, cutting, drilling, bending of copper bars presents products for cutting of plastic raceways

Shears for plastic ducts, covers and plugs

Inside electrical cabinets, on control and distribution panels, the conduits, wires and connecting cables are arranged and channelled safely and cleanly inside plastic ducts of various sizes, which are closed with a cover once the installation is complete.

GRANGIER SAS offers the CG125 Cable Duct Cutter for cutting cable ducts and covers cleanly and quickly.


The CG125 trunking shears

The CG125 shears for plastic trunking, covers and plugs is a small machine that enables the various plastic trunking used for the storage of wires and cables in electrical cabinets to be cut precisely and without chips. Popular with panel builders and industrial electricians for wiring cabinets, switchboards and electrical boxes, this shear is mainly used in workshops.

The use of this type of shears is simple and requires no energy other than muscular. The operator operates the lever with very little effort. His work is precise thanks to a one-metre graduated support rule and an adjustable length stop.

The machine can be installed in a fixed workstation, or on a mobile worktable to get as close as possible to the equipment to be wired.

The blade is made of high quality steel and has a long life and high efficiency. The cut is clean and precise. The blade allows a perfect and burr-free cut of covers, ducts and plastic plugs up to 125 mm wide. The cut is made at right angles (90°).

The CG125 is equipped with a blade guard to limit the risk of accidents. Its weight of 18 kg and its small size make it stable and easy to move. More precise than a pair of pliers, the manual shear is an ideal solution for industrial quality work.