Machines and tools
for electrical industry

Shears for plastic ducts

Grangier, manufacturer of shears, punching machines, folders and tools for electricity and fine sheet metal for electrical cabinet installers, drilling of doors and boxes, bending of copper bars presents products for shearing machines for plastic and rubber tubes

GRANGIER SAS is a manufacturer of special machines for shearing plastic and rubber tubes adapted to many customised applications.

The machines are driven by a pneumatic cylinder. They shear corrugated plastic sheaths and plastic tubes as well as rubber tubes for the medical and industrial sectors. Fast and easy to use as well as robust and safe to work with, Grangier's special machines meet the most demanding requirements.

Manufactured in resistant metals, the blades are very durable and resharpenable. They are the only wearing parts on this type of machine with a long service life. If required, the shears can be fitted with a ruler with a stop for serial cuts.

GRANGIER SAS adapts punching machines, bending machines and tools dedicated to industrial electricity work, shears/punching machines for "Placo" and shears for fine sheet metal work in order to create numerous customised solutions.

The company designs each machine according to specifications so that it responds specifically to the most varied applications, ranging from the pharmaceutical sector to heavy industry.