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Shears for roller shutter box

Shears for roller shutter box

GRANGIER, with its extensive experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of shears and punching machines, has customised an electro-hydraulic shear for the specific needs of a roller shutter manufacturer.

This machine was designed to cut steel profiles with a thickness of 1.5 millimetres for use in the assembly of industrial roller shutter boxes. It allows for a clean and fast cut of these profiles.

With a view to optimum cost, this customised shear uses as many of the standard components of our various shears and punching machines for electricians and panel builders as possible. 

Technical specifications : 

- Weight: 90 kgs 
- Dimensions: 400x400x1500 mm
- Power supply: 380 V three-phase or 240 V single-phase if required
- control by electric pedal