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Punching machines for flexible copper bars with multi-punches

Punching machines for flexible copper bars with multi-punches

GRANGIER is a French specialist, distributed in Europe and worldwide, in the design and manufacture of hydraulic and pneumatic shears tailored to meet the specific needs of each application. 

In order to meet a special customer request, we have designed and manufactured a hydraulic punching machine for rolled flexible copper bars with its tooling. The multiple punches with quick release allow the changeover from one series to the next without loss of time.

In order to limit design costs and simplify the design and manufacture of this machine, we have used a maximum of elements from our standard machines, namely

- Coup'Din GH3-E shear base, 
- CT2-H punching machine cylinder, 
- CME hydraulic power pack,
- control diagram of the CT2-H door punching machine.

Technical specifications: 

- Weight: 110 kgs
- Dimensions: 400x400x1600 mm
- Power supply: 380 V three-phase
- control by electric pedal 


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