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Adjustable, multi-head punching machine

Adjustable, multi-head punching machine

With its expertise as a manufacturer of shears, punching machines, bending machines and various tools for electricity and fine sheet metal work, GRANGIER SAS designs and manufactures customised machines, such as this hydraulic punching bench, to meet the specifications of a customer. 

This hydraulic punching bench has a simple adjustment of its distance between axes. Its 7 goosenecks with an opening of 80 millimetres allow precise, efficient and simultaneous punching of 7 holes in sheets or profiles. 

Robust and powerful, it is equipped with a 400 V electro-hydraulic unit and double-acting cylinders working under a maximum pressure of 100 bars.

Main characteristics:

- length: 5m,
- 7 drilling heads: Ø 6 
- Punching of profiles: aluminium and steel with a maximum thickness of 2.5 mm


- Triangular profile punching machine
- Aluminium profile punching machine
- Tubular profile notching machine
- Shoe template punching machine
- Punching machine for flexible copper rods, with multi-punch