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When two SMEs work together, it sometimes happens that the relationship that develops over time becomes a partnership rather than a customer/supplier relationship. This is the case for EICD, which has placed its trust in GRANGIER, a manufacturer of machines for panel builders and cable makers. Mr COQUE has been using the famous GRANGIER COUP'DIN GH3 since the beginning of his professional activity. It was the daily use of this machine that motivated him, during the development of his company, to buy from this partner. There is no doubt in his mind that the Cisabarre CM1-125, the CT2M punching machine and the CG-125 trunking shear are essential equipment for the manufacture of his electrical cabinets.



presentation of the EICD compagny


The creation of the EICD company is the story of a successful takeover. When Mr. COQUE arrived in 2004 in Mr. DIAS' company, he was the only permanent employee, in addition to the manager's wife who held the position of secretary. Already in 2004, the two men had agreed to transfer the company created by Mr. Dias in 1985 when he retired. It is therefore quite natural that the takeover takes place in 2011. It should be noted that Mrs. Dias will remain at Mr. Coque's side until his retirement in 2020. 


At the time, almost everything was done by hand, from drawing up wiring diagrams to cutting DIN rails and other plastic ducts. The main activity was the on-site wiring and connection of cabinets manufactured by other companies. Mr DIAS' workshop was a garage of about 100 m2. We had to take the car out of the workshop to be able to wire the cabinets," recalls Mr. COQUE. Only small cabinets could be made.


The size of this workshop and the fact that two people were working together prevented Mr. COQUE from fully meeting the needs of his customers. He therefore decided to develop his company. It now has 11 employees. Three main departments were created: a design office, a cabling department in the workshop and a connection department on site.


The design office is responsible for designing the cabinets, drawing up the diagrams and sizing the cables. In the workshop, 4 people wire the cabinets, which are now 100% manufactured by EICD. It is unusual that the person in charge of the workshop is a woman. In a job that is usually reserved for men, this workshop manager brings a different perspective to the panel builders because of her great ability to organise and control the work. The team in charge of on-site connections also consists of four people. 



With the arrival of his colleagues, Mr. COQUE was able to industrialise the work methods. To do this, the teams have been trained in technological tools and the use of software for drawing up diagrams and dimensioning. Even if the software is a precious help for the realisation of these tasks, it is the expertise of the engineers that best optimises the solutions proposed to the customers. 


On the construction sites, the panel builders are subject to controls. These checks verify the correct dimensioning of the cables. Initially, information about the machine's operating mode is essential for the choice of cable cross-section in relation to the required electrical current. The length and thickness of the cables, mainly copper, must be able to transmit the useful amperage to the machine without loss or variation. The upstream work of the design office and the workshop enables the electricians to connect the cabinets in accordance with the regulations.


Also, in order to better meet the needs of its customers, EICD has added a string to its bow by creating the programs added to the electrical cabinet in order to control the machines' PLCs. It is with its suppliers (SCHNEIDER and SIEMENS) that EICD has trained in this field.


In 2018, EICD acquired a new workshop of almost 600 m2. The choice of the installation of this building in Bourgoin-Jallieu was motivated by Mr. COQUE's desire to reduce his own daily travel time and that of his employees. 


Another desire dear to Mr. COQUE is to be close to his customers. Even if he sometimes carries out work throughout France, the majority of his customers are regional. 


Today, about sixty cabinets are built and put into service by EICD, compared to less than 10 barely 15 years ago. The number of cabinets built has increased at the same time as their size, exceeding two metres in height and up to six metres in length! 



Mr. coque, manager of an SME with a bright future 


Mr. COQUE was introduced to the electrician's trade at a very young age (14). Indeed, one of his uncles managed a multi-trade company and it is with him that he made his first steps. Then, in parallel to his training and at the age of 19 (2001), he started working in the company of Mr DIAS. 

Even before the result of his exam (BTS electrotech at the Loiselet high school in Bourgoin-Jallieu), which he passed in 2004, Mr. COQUE signed his employment contract with the ambition shared with Mr. DIAS to take over his company when he retired (2011).

Even before the result of his exam (BTS electrotech at the Loiselet high school in Bourgoin-Jallieu), which he passed in 2004, Mr. COQUE signed his employment contract with the ambition shared with Mr. DIAS to take over his company when he retired (2011).

During this period, between 2004 and 2011, as a site manager, he received full technical training from Mr Dias. Mr Dias immediately gave him the opportunity to design the electrical diagrams for the next installations himself.

From the beginning, Mr. COQUE wanted his relationships with his customers and suppliers to be partnerships. It is important for him to be able to rely on his suppliers in the same way that he wants his customers to rely on his company. There is no one shot at IECD, but partnerships that last.


the EICD / GRANGIER partnership


The first GRANGIER equipment used by Mr. COQUE is the COUP'DIN that Mr. DIAS bought in 1985. This equipment is still the most used in the workshop today. It is used daily. Only the cutting tool had to be changed in 2018 ! 


2016: purchase of shears and punching machines for the workshop


In 2016, Mr François GRANGIER received Mr COQUE at his premises. During this meeting, Mr COQUE's feeling for this partner was confirmed. It was only natural that he should equip himself with the machines he needed. Thus GRANGIER supplied him with :

  • a shear/punching and bending machine for copper bars (the combined shear CM1-125), 
  • a shear for trunking CG125,
  • a CT2M door and cabinet punching machine.

In 2016, Mr COQUE chose a manual punching machine because of the investment it represented. Then, at the beginning of 2023, he asked GRANGIER to transform it into a hydraulic one to gain in efficiency. It is also from this partner that he buys his punches. 


Les avantages de ces équipements pour Monsieur COQUE


Avant l’achat des cisailles et poinçonneuses, toutes les coupes étaient réalisées à la main. Cela prenait beaucoup de temps et la précision de la coupe était bonne avec, néanmoins, un degré évident d’amélioration.


Avec l’utilisation de la cisabarre, de la cisaille pour goulotte aussi bien que de la poinçonneuse CT2M, la qualité des découpes a gagné en précision et en rapidité. L’efficacité est au rendez-vous coupe après coupe. Les collaborateurs utilisant ses machines ont par ailleurs grandement gagné en confort de travail et sécurité.



The advantages of this equipment for Mr COQUE


Before the purchase of the shears and punching machines, all the cuts were made by hand. This was time consuming and the accuracy of the cut was good, although there was clearly room for improvement.

With the use of the shear bar, the channel shear as well as the CT2M punching machine, the quality of the cuts has improved in accuracy and speed. Cut after cut, the efficiency is there. The employees using these machines have also greatly improved their working comfort and safety.

Why choose the Grangier company?


For Mr COQUE, the know-how of the GRANGIER company was a determining factor. For him, the machines are of high quality, easy to use, although very elaborate, and fully meet his needs. Moreover, they are made in Lyon, which is no small detail for him, French manufacture meaning superior quality. He takes as an example the COUP'DIN which he uses daily and which, despite being almost 40 years old, works as well as it did on its first day.

Moreover, the geographical proximity of this partner offers a high level of reactivity with deliveries of machines and/or dies in only a few days. The same applies to the after-sales service, which monopolises the machine for a short time, as was the case when the manual punching machine was converted into a hydraulic one.


« i like his machines because they are simple and efficient » (quote form Mr COQUE) 


Before the purchase of the GRANGIER equipment, the EICD company subcontracted to a local partner (the BEAUJELEC company - Mr Daniel LEVRAT) the production of cabinets that were too large. With the purchase of these punching and shearing machines, EICD now makes large electrical cabinets. Mr. COQUE even strongly recommended GRANGIER products to his colleague who in turn chose to equip himself with GRANGIER machines.


A 5-star relationship with the Grangier company


There is full and complete trust between the two companies. Mr COQUE particularly appreciates, beyond the quality of the machines, the ability of François GRANGIER to listen and to respond to his needs by thinking about the possible developments to be made to his products.



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