Machines and tools
for electrical industry

Punching benches

Grangier, manufacturer of shears, punching machines, folders and tools for electricity and fine sheet metal for electrical cabinet installers, drilling of doors and boxes, cutting, drilling, bending of copper bars presents products for engineering and manufacturing of custom punching machine

With its expertise as a manufacturer of shears, punching machines, bending machines and various tools for electricity and fine sheet metal work, GRANGIER SAS designs and assembles special "made-to-measure" machines, such as punching benches.

Depending on the needs and constraints of each profession, the bench can drill steel, aluminium or plastic profiles and sheets. For simultaneous drilling, a bench can be equipped with one to 10 heads or more, depending on the specifications.

The control and settings are easy to make, allowing for efficient, fast and accurate work. The high-quality punches can be of any shape and diameter required for various punching operations. The hydraulic cylinders develop a drilling force that can perforate several millimetres.

For example, GRANGIER SAS has manufactured a punching bench for 2mm thick aluminium profiles, 3.5m long, with seven 6mm diameter punching heads.

The distance between axes is quickly adjustable and the control is done by an electric pedal. The cylinders are double-acting hydraulic and the power station is 380v.

GRANGIER SAS, with its experience in developing tools for the installers of electrical cabinets, boxes and panels, offers numerous solutions designed to facilitate interior assembly with the preparation of rails and trunking, as well as the working of copper bars, such as the production of doors and boxes. Discover also our punching shears for "Placo" or "U" profiles and uprights, our shears for plastic and rubber tubes, our punching machines and/or shears for thin sheet metal and profiles.