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Punching and bending shears for copper bars

Grangier, manufacturer of shears, punching machines, folders and tools for electricity and fine sheet metal work for electrical cabinet installers, drilling of doors and boxes, presents cutting, drilling, bending of copper bars products :

Punching and bending shears for copper bars

In electrical construction, the low-voltage switchboard (LVS) is the central point of the electrical distribution. It is the link between the arrival of the current and the distribution of this current within the factory, the building... In these cases, the high rated currents require the use of flexible or rigid copper bars to transport the current.

 Grangier's copper bar bending and punching shears will allow the cable maker and the electrician to easily and precisely shape and bend these bars in order to integrate them into the switchboard and to connect them to the cut-off, protection and control devices.


Copper bending machine is versatile machine tools for cutting, punching and bending operations

Grangier offers a wide range of machines (copper cutting machine, hydraulic or manual bending machine) for panel builders and electrical workshops, including a complete and versatile range of shears, punching machines, bending and cutting machines for copper bar work and also powerful machines for cutting Din rails and for drilling doors and cabinets.

- The CM1 copper bar shear, punch and bending machine combinations

Versatile by nature, the combined shears, punching and cooper bending machines can perform all the actions inherent in copper bar work. Otherwise known as "Combined Cisabars", they are production machines, but their limited budget allows them to be used for one-off operations.

These machines are equipped with very tough steel blades and dies for flawless and distortion-free working of rigid or flexible copper bars. The punches are made of high-strength tool steel with an integrated retractable centring pin. For serial work and repetitive bending, millimeter X/Y stops are integrated.

Many types of punching are possible: round, vertical or horizontal oblongs, with a large number of possible diameters and for flexible or rigid copper rods up to 10 mm thick and 200 mm wide.

Cutting, bending and punching copper bars with this type of machine is simple and effortless. They are equipped with a powerful hydraulic power unit and numerous accessories and tools, such as a digital display of the bending angle for more precise and easier setting, for example. These units are easy to handle and operate.

The electro-hydraulic unit is equipped with a double up/down foot pedal with a stop in position for repositioning the copper bars. The moderate speed of descent of the punch limits the risk of error and allows the operator to work in complete safety.

- PH1 hydraulic bending machines

The hydraulic bending machines are easy to operate. They can be delivered on a mobile workbench, for easy operation and mobility of the workstation. Constructed from high quality, high strength steel, they are robust and long lasting.

The PH1 hydraulic bending machines can bend rigid or flexible (multi-blade) copper rods laid on their edge in sections up to 160x10. Their robust double-acting hydraulic cylinder is operated with a CME electro-hydraulic control unit, via a double pedal control. The high pressure force and the bending angle adjustment system allow precise work on the bar to be bent. The bending angles (90, 60, 45°...) are engraved on the work plate to facilitate the shaping of the bent bars.

- CM1-PH1 combos and duos on the workbench

Depending on the configuration of your workshop, a combo or duo may be the ideal solution for working with copper bars.

For high speed workshops, the CM1-PH1 combo allows you to cut and punch with the CM1 shear bar and bend the copper bars with the PH1 bending machine. The advantage of a combo is the independent use of the shear and the bending machine, as they are both equipped with a hydraulic unit and are mounted on separate workbenches.

The bench-mounted CM1-PH1 duo has the same functions with one significant difference: the use of a single hydraulic unit for both machine tools. The result is more compact equipment, grouped on a single workstation on a mobile and very robust workbench with castors.  However, the duo allows only one machine to be operated at a time: either the PH1 or the CM1.

The CM1-PH1 duo is a production facility where the Cisabarre CM1 cuts and punches the copper rods and the PH1 bender then bends them. Both rigid and flexible copper bars can be processed. The two foot pedals operate the bending machine and the shears separately.

- CME electrohydraulic power packs

The electro-hydraulic power pack is an indispensable part of the Grangier CM1 or PH1 folding machines. With a simple and proven construction, the electro-hydraulic power units consume little energy and increase productivity while limiting the risks of machine stoppages.

With its high power rating (up to 160 bar) and single-phase 240V power supply, the CME Grangier electrohydraulic power pack combines simplicity and performance. It is compact and can be mounted on a chassis with wheels. Equipped with a double foot pedal (up and down), its use is particularly simple and efficient.