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shearing machine for 3-mm thick profiles

Electro-hydraulic shearing machine for 3-mm thick profiles

Cutting of Coup'C vertical posts

GRANGIER is a French specialist in the design and manufacture of hydraulic and pneumatic shears tailored to meet the specific needs of each application. 

Production of an electrohydraulic shear for cutting thick profiles such as "electrical cabinet posts" up to 3 millimetres thick. This shear is placed on a base to allow the operator to work effortlessly.  It is equipped with a hydraulic unit and a double-acting cylinder in order to develop the necessary power for precise, clean and burr-free cutting, even at high speed. It is controlled by an electric foot pedal.


- Weight : 90 KG
- Dimensions (without ruler) : 400 X 400 X 1200 mm
- Power supply : 380V three-phase
- Removable cutting dies


- Sheet metal shears
- Corner notchers
- Punching and forming shears for industrial trailers
- Roller shutter box shears