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The cable gland is used by panel builders and cable makers to ensure the passage of one or more electrical cables through a partition, from an apparatus - box, machine, etc. - to the outside. 
The thread of the cable glands is categorised according to two standards: ISO and PG. Punching tools or a punching machine for doors and electrical boxes are the ideal equipment for drilling the fixing holes of cable glands, whatever their diameter. 




A cable gland consists of several plastic or metal parts:
A main part that forms a sleeve for the cable, and whose two ends are threaded; a nut that secures the cable gland to the bulkhead, possibly with a seal; and a nut that presses on a rubber sleeve. The electrical cable passes through all parts of the cable gland.

The cable gland is used for the passage of an electrical cable when it has to pass through the rigid wall of an electrical cabinet or a control panel for example. It provides a watertight connection and mechanical locking of the cable.

The space required and the number and diameter of the cables to be installed are important considerations when choosing a cable gland. The protection rating (IP), which relates to the tightness, is also important. The ISO standard (NF EN 62444) governs the rules for the installation and sizing of ISO cable glands. The sizing of PG (Gas Passthru) cable glands is not governed by a standard as such.





The ISO standard NF EN 62444 has replaced the standard NF EN 50262. It concerns cable glands with a metric thread. The standard defines the thread of cable glands. For example, ISO size 12 corresponds to a 12 mm cable gland thread (Ø12.5 mm partition punching), with a cable diameter of 3 to 6 mm. 
Please note that the ISO standard does not regulate cable diameters. These may differ from one supplier to another.




Unlike the ISO standard, the dimensions of PG or Gas Pitch threads are not subject to a standard. The PG thread is derived from the old German technical standard Stahlpanzerrohrgewinde. The passage of cables with a diameter of 5 to 25 millimetres is possible with a PG cable gland. The regulations concerning the protection class of PG cable glands are the same as for ISO cable glands.  

The PG thread is still used in France, although it is tending to disappear in favour of the metric thread.