Machines and tools
for electrical industry

Punching machine for fine sheet metal

Grangier, manufacturer of shears, punching machines, folders and tools for electricity and fine sheet metal for electrical cabinet installers, drilling of doors and boxes, cutting, drilling, bending of copper bars presents products for punching machines for sheet metal and various application

GRANGIER SAS offers you the manufacture of special machines for punching and notching on steel, stainless steel or aluminium sheets. With our long experience, we adapt our "standard" machines to your needs. Starting from an existing model allows us to reduce design and manufacturing costs while obtaining a result that meets our customers' expectations.

Indeed, several main elements such as the base, the power unit, the pneumatic or hydraulic system and the punching heads can be used to design a machine specially for your specific application. Other elements such as tooling, blades, punches and dies, casing, or even the frame will be manufactured according to the specificities contained in your specifications.


The punching and notching of thin sheets is thus ensured in a precise and fast way whatever the thickness of the sheet to be punched or notched. A workshop tool, this type of machine can be manual, electric, electro-hydraulic or pneumatic to meet a wide range of applications.

Modifiable, the same machine can be used for notching and punching thanks to interchangeable punch-die sets. This system saves space (only one machine), saves costs and is very practical for the user.