Machines and tools
for electrical industry

Punching machines and cutting doors

Grangier, manufacturer of shears, punching machines, folders and tools for electricity and fine sheet metal work for electrical cabinet installers, cutting, drilling, bending of copper bars presents drilling of doors and boxes products :

Hydraulic or manual punching machines, punches and pumps for cutting and punching doors and cabinets

On the envelope of electrical cabinets and boxes, numerous holes and cut-outs are made to install indicators, control buttons and measuring devices… as well as fixing holes for cable glands.

GRANGIER SAS, manufacturer of shears, punching machines, bending machines and tools for electrical construction and cabling, has developed a complete range of tools and machines, from drilling machines to hydraulic workshop punching machines, for quick and easy drilling boxes and doors of metal or polyester cabinets and enclosures. We also manufacture machines for working copper bars and our famous Coup'Din punching shears.

With GRANGIER machines and tools, doors are cut and punched with great precision and speed during the manufacture of electrical panels, cabinets and enclosures.


Hydraulic or manual punching machine, steel or stainless steel punch and other drilling and cutting machines and tools

In the range of drilling machines and tools proposed by GRANGIER SAS for the punching doors and electrical boxes, we distinguish the CT2 "gooseneck" punching machines which allow direct drilling, without a pre-hole, directly on the door or the box which is moved in the machine.

The other solution is the use of portable punching machines which can be used with a screw to be tightened, or a hydraulic traction pump to be selected from the large choice offered by Grangier.

This range of products is designed for installers of electrical cabinets, boxes and panels. It completes the wide range of solutions offered by GRANGIER SAS for bending, punching and shearing copper bars or cutting and drilling Din rails, as well as the extensive range of special shearing or drilling machines that meet every need and type of use in numerous applications and trades, whether in the craft or industrial sector.


CT2 manual and hydraulic workshop punching machines

- The CT2M manual workshop drilling machine for punching boxes

The CT2M manual punching machine for drilling doors is designed for workshop use. Preferably installed in a fixed position on a table offering a stable base, it allows precise, fast and high quality punching and cutting of the different types of materials used in electrical cabinets and boxes (steel, stainless steel, plastic or polyester), which make up the enclosures of boxes, cabinets and cable gland plates.

Each punch is equipped with a retractable centring pin and support arms for quick and easy positioning of the door or enclosure to be punched. The gooseneck has a large depth (500 mm), allowing it to be adapted to most doors and enclosures.

As an additional accessory, a 1 meter guide rule is available to facilitate nibbling or alignment of holes. Many types of die punches are available for round, square and rectangular holes in a variety of diameters and sizes.

Blade, holder and die sets can also be used to cut large openings in cabinet doors, by "nibbling" in successive passes.

- The CT2-H hydraulic punching machine

The CT2H hydraulic punching machine has the same functions as the manual machine, with increased punching size and sheet thickness capabilities. It is mounted on a mobile base, with a dedicated hydraulic power pack and dual foot pedal up/down control.

With an X/Y ruler, with rulers and stops, the CT2H punching machine allows fast and accurate drilling and punching doors. Articulated support arms make it easy to position and move the doors on the machine.

A laser pointer is provided to facilitate the punching of doors, panels and enclosures to the predefined position or line. The use of the laser increases the accuracy of the drilling due to its visual effect.

The foot pedal is used to start and stop the punching system. In case of doubt or positioning error, the operator can act in complete safety; the punch remains locked in its position as soon as the foot pedal is released to allow the workpiece to be moved. 

A wide range of punches from 3mm diameter to 92x92mm, PG, ISO series and all "electric" dimensions can be used on the hydraulic punching machine. Grangier also offers the manufacture of custom punches and blades for dimensions or shapes that do not yet exist.


Hydraulic cutters and pumps for the construction site and workshop

- Steel and stainless steel punches

Stainless steel and steel punches are essential tools for punching doors, boxes and removable plates with cable glands. GRANGIER SAS distributes or manufactures high quality, resistant and durable stainless steel and steel dies.

Retail, round and rectangular dies for steel are available in a wide range of punch and die sets to meet all types of needs. Grangier steel punches have a thread compatible with other major brands on the market today.

The stainless steel specific round and rectangular retail punches are made of extremely strong powder metallurgy steel for long durability. They can be used for both stainless and mild steel. A wide range of punches and dies are available in complete boxes or in retail.

GRANGIER SAS also manufactures round and rectangular punches for non-standard dimensions in inches and millimeters and for drilling thicker materials such as cabinet plates in 3 millimeters thickness. The threads are compatible with other major brands on the market.

Manual, battery operated or foot operated hydraulic pumps are a great help when punching. Portable and mobile, they are perfect for operating punches in all kinds of punching operations on doors, panels, boxes, steel, stainless steel, aluminum and plastic sheets.

Available in compact pumps with a handle, with a swivel head, with a hose, with hand control, foot control, rechargeable battery, there is a model to suit the manufacturing requirements.

There are also ready-to-use sets complete with dies and pumps so that nothing is forgotten. 

- Hole saws

Designed to facilitate the work of the panel builder, the cable installer and the electrician, the carbide saw blades allow to make holes with standard electrical dimensions, with a simple drill.

Each cutter is fitted with a removable pilot drill and a spring for easy ejection from the drilled washer. Many sizes of punches are available: PG and ISO electric series for diameters from 15.2 mm to 150 mm.

The hole saw cutters distributed by GRANGIER SAS can drill stainless steel up to 2 mm thick and semi-hard steel up to 4 mm as well as plastic, PVC and other materials.